Outside Inspiration

A lot of times, working on a project, you come to a point where you ABSOLUTELY CANNOT LOOK AT IT ANYMORE.  And you shouldn’t.  It’s important as an artist to find additional creative outlets (or whatever) and come back to whatever you are working on with, as they say, a fresh pair of eyes.

Personally, I enjoy baking–especially pies, sewing, daydreaming about big old houses, and just zoning out with a good book or movie.  I have recently become involved in the theatre department at my university so that I have a completely different environment for a good portion of my week.

Do what you can to branch out.  Try new things.  Rent movies in a foreign language.  Find new music.  Go to antique shops. Decipher the latest Lady GaGa video.  Color in a coloring book with crayons.  Read people’s blogs.  🙂  Just DO.

Here’s a little something eccentric that I find oddly fascinating.


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