Reveling in Chaos.

After the blah-ness of summer, getting back into the swing of school has been difficult.  My To-Do list is frighteningly long, and I just don’t know how to say no to another project/favor/whatever.  And Oh. My. God. is it hard for me to sit down and do some sketches.

Not that I dislike what I’m doing–I’m actually very excited for some of the things I have to work on:  a friend has asked me to design a tattoo for her;  I will be creating posters for the UWEC Players Haunted Tours;  and I plan to do a redesign of the Paws & Claws website for my webdesign class (and maybe if I do a good job, my bosses will actually pay me for it!)–two of my favorite things combined:  Dogs & Design.  All I need to add in is coffee for the trifecta!

And on top of all of that, the women’s music fraternity, Sigma Alpha Iota, which I have been a part of for…four years now?…has their fall recruitment activities all week, so I have been busily updating our webpage.  Here’s to using a nice looking “corporate identity”  (because, really, do we want music majors to be in charge of that?  🙂  ) to get some new members!

Here’s a little reminder that not all webdesign has to be done on the computer.  Yeah art collaboration!


And, on an entirely different note, I wanted to give a little mention to my friend out in Wyoming, who lost her sweet little dog Finn (the Adventure Dog!) yesterday in a tragic accident.  I cried right with her.  My thoughts are with you…losing a friend is so hard.


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