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My favorite time of year!

I love everything about fall–especially Halloween!  Time for apples, pumpkin carving, falling leaves, wood-smoke, and SPOOKS!  Here is a helpful tutorial I used to make the poster for the Player’s Haunts of Eau Claire Bus Tours:

And here’s how mine turned out (I used an existing image of the Stone’s Throw that the Players had taken, dropped in a new sky, and skipped the black and white):

Busy Bee

The past two weeks have been eaten up by theatre stuff, and this has caused me to fall behind on life in general. My lack of sleep also lends itself to my easy distraction, so my new addiction to StumbleUpon has provided plenty of fodder for exploration.

ALSO! My new issue of Communication Arts came in the mail today. I get so excited every time I see that package in my mailbox! And here, from the previous issue, was a most inspiring designer: Jessica Hische.


I know that I am still a student, and not a “real” designer, but I have a hard time saying no to “freelance” projects…”Sure, I can make posters for that!” “Yes, I will help you with your project.” “Oh, you need someone to dogsit? Of course!” “You need a kidney…?”

It’s one of those things where you feel bad if you say no because you probably have time somewhere in your schedule to fit whatever it is in.

The problem is, every time I take on more, the things already on my to-do list get just a little bit less attention, and it’s all downhill from there. Next thing you know, you’re sitting on the floor with dirty dishes and clothes piled up around you, weeping into your coffee.

That’s when I decided I needed a solution, and here it is.

Reveling in Chaos.

After the blah-ness of summer, getting back into the swing of school has been difficult.  My To-Do list is frighteningly long, and I just don’t know how to say no to another project/favor/whatever.  And Oh. My. God. is it hard for me to sit down and do some sketches.

Not that I dislike what I’m doing–I’m actually very excited for some of the things I have to work on:  a friend has asked me to design a tattoo for her;  I will be creating posters for the UWEC Players Haunted Tours;  and I plan to do a redesign of the Paws & Claws website for my webdesign class (and maybe if I do a good job, my bosses will actually pay me for it!)–two of my favorite things combined:  Dogs & Design.  All I need to add in is coffee for the trifecta!

And on top of all of that, the women’s music fraternity, Sigma Alpha Iota, which I have been a part of for…four years now?…has their fall recruitment activities all week, so I have been busily updating our webpage.  Here’s to using a nice looking “corporate identity”  (because, really, do we want music majors to be in charge of that?  🙂  ) to get some new members!

Here’s a little reminder that not all webdesign has to be done on the computer.  Yeah art collaboration!


And, on an entirely different note, I wanted to give a little mention to my friend out in Wyoming, who lost her sweet little dog Finn (the Adventure Dog!) yesterday in a tragic accident.  I cried right with her.  My thoughts are with you…losing a friend is so hard.